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Primary Academy

Grades 1 to 5
  • Authentic Montessori instruction in practical life, sensory activities, language, mathematics, science & geography

NOTE: As we are a private school we remain in close contact with the NB Department of Education regarding any and all curriculum changes.

As our students progress through CASA and Kindergarten, the same approach continues to be used in our primary program.

Days are planned in a way that continues to develop the students' curiosity all while building their independence and confidence as they grow up.  Our hybrid approach will focus on achieving all goals and milestones set out in the NB Education Curriculum using our own method.

Since our students will eventually move on to the public system, we are creating a transition program with the District Francophone Sud. This is the absolute base; the sky is the limit for our students. We will dive deeper into all subjects and students will not be limited by our program. Our teacher to student ratio is unmatched and is a key element to our students’ success.

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Advanced Practical Life

These learnings offer a bridge between the hands-on activities of the early childhood environment and the increasingly abstract ideas presented in the elementary programs.

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Arts & Music

Art and Music serves as a valuable resource for the Montessori educator to build imaginative, artistic projects into their curriculum and to inspire children to explore their own creativity as a means of expression.

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History & Language Arts

In addition to mastering the skills of writing, reading, and penmanship, students extensively explore word study, the mechanics of writing, and grammar.
Students are also introduced to civilizations throughout time, sparking a lifetime of interest.

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The curriculum gives students the opportunity to work on increasingly complex and abstract arithmetic concepts, involving larger numbers and place value, by manipulating more abstract materials.

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Science & Geography

There is a wide scope of science and geography topics covered, including zoology, botany, physical geography, cultural geography, matter, astronomy, and health sciences.