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Pres-School / Casa

2 to 4 year olds
  • Montessori teaching methods to stimulate curiosity
  • Hands-on learning geared towards a child’s interests
  • Free outdoor play promoting a healthy, active lifestyle

Although the entrance age varies in individual schools, a child usually enters a Montessori Casa classroom between the ages of 2-½ and 4 years old, depending on when the child can be happy and comfortable in a classroom situation. He will begin with the simplest of exercises based on activities which all children enjoy. The equipment which he uses at the age of three and four will help him to develop the concentration, coordination and work habits necessary for the more advanced exercises he will perform at five and six. The entire program of learning is purposefully structured. Therefore, optimum results cannot be expected either for the child who misses the early years of the cycle, or for one who is withdrawn before he finishes Kindergarten.

Enrol a Child
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Practical Life Exercises

that assist children in learning to take care of themselves, each other and the environment.

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Sensory Activities

which provide specific opportunities for exploration which refine the senses.

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Language Exercises

that nourish the child, enrich vocabulary, enhance self-expression and develop reading and writing skills.

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Mathematical Materials

which offer exciting, concrete experiences of number concepts and operations.

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Science & Geography

activities that allow students to make discoveries about the physical world, while nurturing an interest in science and respect for life.