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Complementary Curriculum

Complementary programs are drawn from the outcomes created for the NB Anglophone School District. These outcomes were modified to include Montessori methods and are taught weekly in both the French and English classrooms.


Each month, students focus on and learn about one specific artist, inspiring the art projects during the month. The school’s easel area is transformed to display the artist’s work and to create an atmosphere that mimics the artist’s workspace.


Similar to the Art program, students study a different musician each month. The students are exposed to a variety of types of music, including classical, contemporary and jazz. Each month, the school chooses a musician and an artist with similarities to help the students make connections between the subject areas and to ensure that they have a firm understanding of what is being taught.

Physical Education

The Physical Education classes start with a focus on balance and spatial awareness, but continue to expand as the students establish their skills. The classes are held in the gym, but when weather allows classes venture outside to the playground and the local park. This program ensures that the students grow in their appreciation for physical activity, learn new skills, and play fun games. We ask that your child has comfortable sneakers during this class time.